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Our full collection is shown on our website and we ship these wonderful pieces worldwide with our FedEx and local carriers.

Our showroom is permanently closed

We’re sorry to announce that we can not welcome our lovely customers in our showroom anymore. The reason for this is very positive, because we simply need the space for the expansion of our team.

With our brand growing so passionately we need the extra space to keep creating. Since November 2019 we have been working in  our atelier and office in a beautiful characteristic Amsterdam house decorated full of everlasting inspiration, a lot of plants, and a kitchen stocked with delicious healthy food to give our workspace a very personal touch. 

We have closed our showroom in this house to create more room for our lovely team to work in safety during Covid and have free creative space for our inspiring process.

You can always reach out to us so that we can personally help you with any questions you may have or you can visit one of our stockists.

Email ~ info@tisjadamen.com

Boutiques worldwide  

We share our collection with a small exclusive selection of luxury lingerie boutiques worldwide.

We're excited to to share more selling locations later in 2021 and 2022.


Coco de Mer ~ London, United Kingdom

Online & Store

Pleasurements ~ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Online & Store

United States

Anya Lust ~ New York

Online and by appointment

Touche Moi ~ Houston

Online and by appointment

Catriona ~ Miami

Online and by appointment

Supernatural ~ Birmingham

Online & Store


Baby Likes to Pony ~ Sydney

Online & Store


Avec Amour ~ Hong Kong

Online & Store

United Arab Emirates

Asanawa ~ Dubai

Online and by appointment