Returns & exchanges

Our return & exchange policy

When you received your package you have seven days to reconsider.

If you're giving a present later, please send us an email, because we will, of course, give you more time.


We want you to be in love with your lovely order.

If you wish to return any items of your order, then we ask you to follow these steps. In this way, we know that your return is coming and your refund will be processed quicker. Safe, sound, and easy.


 Due to the delicate time to make these lingerie pieces and the small size of the company we work with this return policy, please read this before placing your order. 

Make sure all returning packages are clearly marked as return goods.

Returning time frame


Your return needs to be requested on our website within 7 DAYS after receiving your order. The order has to be returned and accepted by us in The Netherlands within 14 DAYS after receiving your order.


Please mark your package clearly as 'returned goods' to avoid delays and extra costs at customs!

We are a small brand and our pieces are hand made, because of this we don't have the luxury to extend this period, this means if you're late with registering or returning the pieces we have the right to refuse your return.


If your lovely order is a gift for later in this period please make sure you email us before so we can make an exception for you.


Return shipment


For a long-distance return shipment that might take longer please email us. Please take into consideration how much time it will take for the package to be returned to us. Check your local post office of a carrier for delivery time frames. 


It's your responsibility until it reaches us. Please send the return package with track and trace plus a signature upon arrival and insurance. We can’t be held responsible for any delays, missing items, or damage.


For international orders please ensure you mark your parcel as ''Returned Goods'', with the country of origin marked as The Netherlands - any charges will be deducted from the customer's refund. 


Original packaging 

Returns will only be accepted if they are sent in original packaging (shipping box) and in the same condition including the price tags attached to the items. Don't use any other packaging to return the item(s).


Please note that original shipping charges are non-refundable. If you wish to return all your items during a Free Shipping offer, please be aware we will deduct the original shipping charges of the refund amount.


If you have any questions about our return policy, please send us an email:

Please email us: with your name and order number


Sale orders

We believe in season-less and timeless creations so we don't have sale periods as most brands do. Instead, we offer sample & stock sales when we have enough pieces to offer. The number of pieces and the size will every time be limited.

During sales or periods when we offer a discount code we expect a longer timeframe for your lovely order to be ready. We kindly ask you for your patience because we work in a very small team and all these packages are wrapped with care.

Please note that sample sale items can not be returned unless otherwise stated. Due to the limited amount of sizes, we can not easily change your size after you placed your order. Canceling your order after the sale is over will mean that someone else missed out on your pieces.

This is mentioned clearly before we start the sale period to make sure you are aware of this before you place your order. If you place several orders and wish your double shipping cost to be refunded, please mention this at checkout. If you do not mention this we might miss the several orders you placed and we will ship as planned. If any additional gifts are offered there will be a code required or a mention at checkout. If you do not mention or use the code we will not be able to offer the gift after the package is packed. 

How to return: 

1. Please register your return here.


2. Fill in the item(s) you would like to return and indicate the reason for your return


3. You will receive an email with the return confirmation. Please note that original shipping charges are non-refundable. The return costs may differ depending on your local carrier. If you wish to return all your items during our Free Shipping offer, please be aware we will deduct the original shipping charges of the refund amount.


4. Please take the original package with the item(s) you wish to return. We ask you to kindly use the original packaging to return the pieces. We would like to reuse the packaging to avoid unnecessary waste. Please do not tape over our packaging. 

5. Mark the package as ''returned goods'', because we are not responsible for customs duties. We advise you to check this option with your carrier before shipping. Please note that we can't be held responsible for any needed documents for customs.  The return package is your responsibility until it reaches us.

6. Once we receive your return in our atelier, you will receive an email from us. 

Refunds and processing

 Refunds will be processed within 14 business days after we receive your return. If your return does not meet the conditions listed, the package will be sent back to you. When your return has been accepted, your refund will be issued and you will receive a confirmation email. 

Original shipping charges are non-refundable.


Returns paid with a Gift Vouchers

If you placed a beautiful order and paid with a gift voucher our return policy is the same. The refund will be in the form of a gift voucher for the returned amount. We do not give refunds in money on gift voucher purchases.