A place of tranquility


A place of tranquility, each soft movement makes flowers dance upon still water. 

Reflections of sunrays warming up your skin, taking us to the places of our dreams. 

~ "Poetica" ~

With refined craftsmanship, the embroidery of the “Poetica” 

shaped into a sensational piece to carry on the writing of luxurious 

ivory embroidery on transparent light tule, silk straps, 

and golden decorations.

~ "Myth" ~

The shapes we love so much in a deliciously soft, sheer, and luxurious mesh developed with a certificate recycled green label in Italy. Combined with our signature silk straps and gold plated hardware.

Gorgeous Muses Giuls and Josy 

captured by Agnese Cornelio

~ "Poetica" ~

A glance upon flowers appearing from the water. The luminous pattern of this mesmerizing creation shows those flowers moving in a mystical motion. A rich luxurious Swiss embroidery and our signature straps made from recycled materials. The transparency of the creation leaves room for the imagination of the wilder kind: the free and unrestrained.

 ~ "Myth" ~

With a deep plunge neckline, this bra creates a mesmerizing cleavage continuing as a longline shape to your waist and revealing a playful back. Use the adjustable straps to create your own comfortable fit. Don't forget about our customization service where we can make small adjustments for a better fit.

~ "Myth" ~

The shape of this thong is created as an ode to the female form. Emphasizing everything we love so much. Pulling the thong towards the waist creates a voluptuous silhouette and connects other pieces from the range together. As comfortable as they can come and mostly as sensual as they can be.