Luxury lingerie ethically created by hand with care for our earth and a storytelling touch.

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Stories behind our Creations

Stories behind our Creations

​Every creation tells its unique story​, the storytelling names of our ranges already give that away.

​From the glance​s​ upon flowers appearing from the water​ to ​the ​message from mother earth,​ we write on our skins and the leaves having ​the desire to free-fall back to earth...​Don't be satisfied by ​the myths alone and create your own story.

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Our Journal


We love to create stories with people ​all around the world and in our journal, we happily share these with you.

From the ''Rhythms of Brazil'' to a dedication ''For all mothers'' and a story around lingerie being ''Not only a young thing''

Among others, well so many others...

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