How to care

 Speaking of washing your pieces

Due to the delicate materials and our strong ethical values, we would like to advise you on how to take care of your beautiful and timeless pieces. 

Wash gently by hand for which we advise loving brand Eucalan. This is an eco friendly detergent which you do not need to rinse and it smells delicious. It will save you time, water and energy.

See here the delicious fragrances we offer:

Easy washing steps explained

Please see the instructions of the bottle as well, but here we go to give you an idea.

Fill basin with tepid water (room temperature water, not hot and not cold). Then add Eucalan to basin. 

Let the lingerie pieces be soaked for a minimum of 15 minutes. Be gentle when you squeeze to slightly dry, and do not twist.

There is no need to rinse. Then let is dry naturally...

Simply just let it hang...

You can use a washing line or an edge in your bathroom to hang your freshly washed lingerie pieces to dry. 

Please do not use clips to avoid damaging these gorgeous materials. 

How to store your beautiful lingerie pieces

These pieces are special creations, and should be stored with care and respect. 

We created our firm brand boxes from recycled materials with the thought that they will protect your lingerie pieces.

Please keep the pieces out of the sun and always close all the gold hooks to avoid them getting stuck.

 Wish any advice?

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