Sizing & Care

~ Size guide ~

Our creations are made in ''easy sizing'' in ~ SS ~ S ~ M ~ L ~ LL ~ with the possibility to adjust our signature straps with the gold hardware so that you create your own comfortable fit. You have the ability to adjust again and again because women's bodies change and our pieces are designed to be timeless and without a season. 

This design element fits our ethical and environmental values because we make fewer sizes and so it reduces leftover stock and saves time in our complete process.

For our lovely customers, this size guide will help you to decide which size will fit you best. Of course, you can always reach out to us for advice: or use our contact form.

~ How to wear ~

Because of the different silhouettes, Tisja Damen created it is no surprise you might not know how to wear them correctly, so let us clarify.

This is something we see very often so don’t feel it is only you who is wearing our pieces incorrectly. That is why we created this page to help you enjoy your beautiful lingerie.

 The design process of Tisja Damen doesn’t start with patterns or with thoughts of traditional lingerie shapes. She studied art and fashion and approached her lingerie creations differently. Every piece is designed directly on the mannequin or body as an ode to its beauty. She is sharing her whole process in her ‘’Timeline of Creation’’

~ How to care ~

With our luxurious materials and our strong ethical values, we would like to advise you on how to take care of your beautiful and timeless pieces. We stand proudly behind our quality and know this is a story that will last; we make sure you can keep wearing these pieces for years to follow. 

​We advise on how to wash, dry, and store your precious lingerie pieces with care for our climate clearly in mind.

Please read here how to care...

~ Customization service ~

We can offer some small alterations, making straps smaller or longer after receiving your measurements. Please understand that the pieces we gladly alter for you especially can not be returned or exchanged. If you believe you need more alterations to create the perfect fit then we advise you to contact us. You can use the contact form. 

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Customization service