How to Wear

The design process of Tisja Damen doesn’t start with patterns or with thoughts of traditional lingerie shapes. She studied art and fashion and approached her lingerie creations differently. Every piece is designed directly on the mannequin or body as an ode to its beauty. She is sharing her whole process in her ‘’Timeline of Creation’’

How to wear  

Because of the different silhouettes, Tisja Damen created it is no surprise you might not know how to wear them correctly, so let us clarify.

This is something we see very often so don’t feel it is only you who is wearing our pieces incorrectly. That is why we created this page to help you enjoy your beautiful lingerie.

Please don’t wear a piece inside out

Our straps are designed to be seen so during the creation they are placed on the top of each piece. You will see our size label on the outside and it is meant to be on the inside.

We and our lovely stockists see this is a big compliment to the creation of these pieces because Tisja Damen spends a lot of time during her design process to make the piece beautiful on the inside as well ~ In Tisja Damen words, there might just be a poetical connection in her thoughts when it comes to this…. As beauty lies on the inside.

Adjust the straps to create your own comfortable fit

The gold hardware is not there for decorations only… We use adjustable straps of course for the design aesthetics but mostly to give our lovely customers the possibility to create their own comfortable fit. Our bodies change and these pieces are designed to last so with the design element you can correct your fit using the adjustable function. 

When you try the piece for the first time It is always best to make the adjustable straps wider so that you have more room. Then adjust the sliders to your comfortable fit. Please do not force trying a piece on when it is so easy to adjust the straps a little because this could damage this beautiful creation. 

Our halter & longline bras have crossover shoulder straps

This is a well-known design style of Tisja Damen since the beginning and we have seen many lovely customers wearing it wrong, even during shoots, so once again it is not a surprise you are not wearing it correctly. This is regarding the halter bras and longline bras where the straps should cross over on the back, otherwise, you won’t feel any support. The curved strap underneath the breast is there for support as well, see it as a soft wire because it is very effective. See our captures on our shop to see how the back looks: 

See all bras click here

Wires should be firmly under your breasts

A bra should fit you correctly, so the wire goes under the breasts for support and the frame between the breasts in the center should be on the skin. When a wired bra stands off your skin it means that you have the wrong size or maybe the fit is not for you. Luckily we are adding more and more wired bra creations in different shapes.

For all harness pieces ~ First legs, then...

We have heard many times that this shape is unique and well we thank you for the compliment, but following up the question came - how should I put it on? You start with both legs. Pull the piece upward at the front so that the embroidery comes together at the center between the breasts. Pull the straps as a halter over your head so that the straps are in your neck. Then close the waist with the gold hook closure. If you feel any force, please adjust the straps because that is why they are there…

Open all gold hooks before trying on a piece

We have seen this happen in person several times when a bralette is tried on without opening the front hook and you really should not. Please open all hooks on the lingerie piece so that you have enough space to comfortably put on the piece.

Wear your thong over your suspender

We advise this so that the suspender stays better on your body, but also makes it so much easier to take off your panties without having to undo the suspender.

How to attach your suspender to our ‘’Signature’’ leg garters

You can attach the garter grips anywhere on the leg garters. We believe the easiest and most stable way is to connect the garter grip to the ring of the leg garters on the front. Why the front? Well, when you walk your legs move forwards, this way it keeps the leg garters in position and centered on your legs. 

Longline suspender harness brief

Yes, so many names we can give this creation. That is because it is designed to be worn in several ways, because who doesn’t love some varieties once in a while… This beautiful creation comes with two strap options, to be worn as a high-waisted ouvert brief or as a longline suspender to attach to our ‘’Signature’’ leg garters or worn with stockings. You can choose your own preference. 

High shaped thongs and briefs

A silhouette we clearly adore is high panties, for example, our high thong. The fit is best when you pull it to your waist. More panties can be worn towards the waist when you choose a larger size because women are often between sizes... If you need sizing advice, you can see our size guide here or reach out to us.

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