For all mothers


Women are inspiration


Women are art


We are lifemakers


- ode to mothers


My creativity and inspiration is intensely guided by something magical,

under which nature will always be the purest.

Something that uncontrollably forms itself and shows authenticity.

Nature is not only green and animal, nature - that's us.

And what could be more magical than creating a life ...For me it is a fascination

that the silhouette that expresses my creations can carry a new life.


I wanted to create a story like this for years and when my beautiful friend Romy Boomsma

got pregnant with her son we decided to wait till she reached 7,5 months.

We captured this magical story with her gorgeous 1,5 years old daughter Bobby Jo.


With a pregnancy there is also a new woman born.

We women create new life.

There is nothing more magical than that.


Below our story and Romy’s words on being pregnant and how this inspires me.

Captured by Sophie van der Perre 


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Romy about our story, being pregnant and being a mother

This body carried my daughter for 9 months, fed her for the next 14 months and has been home to my son for almost 8 months now. It will not be the same as before, but that is not me as a person either. And I like that, now. As if another woman was born with motherhood. A woman who looks at herself less critically, focuses on the strength and beautiful things that the female body is capable of, and stands for. Instead of concentrating on what is always better, tighter, leaner or different. During my first pregnancy I hardly made any pictures, I found it difficult to surrender to the changes that a pregnancy entails, the physical discomfort and I thought too much about the 'magic' of being pregnant, creating life. While I did not experience it the first time and of course every pregnancy is different. This time it feels very different, and whether that is due to the growth I have experienced as a woman now that I am a mother, or because I am so much more aware of the role model that belongs to that new role, I do not know. But I am proud of my curves, the changes, and embrace it being pregnant and my body so that I enjoy it much more and more consciously. And now I know, looking back at pictures of myself from my first pregnancy with Bobby Jo, that that critical self-view is such a waste of time. And more importantly, also what will we give our children when we focus on that. That is one of the most striking lessons I've learned so far, unconsciously they change us. As a mother I choose to give them self-love.




My first country 

The first placed I ever lived

What kind of beauty is inspiring...?

Looking at Romy’s and seeing hers is easy,

but it is her character and how she looks towards the element of beauty

is what makes her so inspiring to someone like me.

The way a woman becomes a muse is when you think of how she wears it while you're creating.

My work is expressed by the woman who wears it, and when a woman is comfortably herself and

moves freely she wears it more beautifully than ever.

True inspiration.

I will tell you,

my daughter

of your worth

not your beauty everyday.

(your beauty is a given. every being is born beautiful)

knowing your worth can save your life.

raising you on beauty alone,

you will be starved.

you will be raw.

you will be weak.

easy clay.

always in need of someone telling you how beautiful you are.


I love myself.

the quietest. simplest. 

most powerful.

revolution. ever.

Quotes by Nayyirah Waheed