Garden of Bloom


It is difficult to remain your own self 

When becoming a mother

Everyone sees

how dependent our babies are on us

And no one talks about

how dependent we can be on them 

It is hard to face yourself 

And it is especially hard when you have 

Plenty of reasons not to

Beautiful words of Rachel about being pregnant and becoming a mother.

Below the story of Rachel captured by the magical Grace. 

My greatest undoing 

my brightest adventure 

all five senses sparking to the music 

sweeter than ever before. 

The sun a fragrance like dandelion, 

the stars-like fire, 

the sand-like clouds, 

and the wine-like sweet solace. 

Eyes walking asleep, and my mind:

a slow song with an unexpected crescendo. 

Nothing can prepare one for such a time as this. 

Let yourself undo, the sooner the sweeter


- Tess Guinery

There is no one way to do motherhood

We all have our sacred stories to tell

And when another woman joins 

We all have to encourage her to trust in herself

- Rachel

We come in many different shapes

The childless Mother

The father Mother

The elected Mother

My story is just beginning but I know

It will be unlike any story that has come before

Because we are all individually unique and

 integral pieces of the same tapestry 

Our bond is in loving unconditionally 

Bringing warmth and ease 

to the wounded

And the encouragement of the youth 

Building in love-

- Rachel