Not only a young thing... 


This is Hester, a beautiful woman I know through her gorgeous daughter with who I shot several stories.

I asked her if I could create a story with her as well because I strongly believe and 

experience that you can wear lingerie when it feels comfortable to you.

With many customers from 40+, I think this is a story worth showing. 

If you feel comfortable in these lingerie pieces, your age should not be a reason not to wear it.


Feel free to reach out to us for personal advice if you're interested in any of our lingerie pieces.


We captured Romy in her home with her young daughter and her son when he was still in her belly.


What was your reaction, what was your feeling when I asked if you wanted to be photographed in my lingerie?

I was surprised that you asked me to do this shoot. Lingerie is always associated with young women, or at least shown mostly on young women, while in my opinion lingerie is for everyone and therefore all ages.


Your comfort during the shoot was wonderful,

can you tell us where this comfort with your body is coming from?

Interesting to hear you experienced it like that because I had never been photographed in this way before. 

My mother was a model, as a child, I could look in her photo albums for hours.

It might run in the family because my daughters are regularly photographed, 

including several stories, you created with them.

This was my first experience though. 

I believe the comfort came from the overall atmosphere during the shoot

and the lingerie I wore, this felt very nice on my skin and made me feel feminine.

I have customers from many different ages including women between 40 and 60 and maybe, hopefully, even over 60. That's why I wanted to shoot a beautiful adult woman in my lingerie once. What is your message to these more adult women?

That lingerie is for all ages. Your lingerie is exciting, conceals, but is also very sexy in an elegant way.  Women are selling themselves short if they think they should hide their bodies when they actually would love to show this but do not dare. Many women have the feeling that their body is not worth showing, yet most partners like it when women show their femininity and in my experience, their admiration luckily doesn't go away with age.

How did you experience the shoot?

It was a very special and exciting experience,

but it helped that my youngest daughter Ruby was there with me. It was nice to have her there with me.

Romy, my eldest daughter has been photographed in your lingerie before

with her son still in her belly and her little daughter playing around ~ That is such a wonderful photo story.