Rhythms of Brazil


Wherever there’s music...
that carefree lust for life
tends to appear.
A country where natures beauty is
illumined by rays of the tropical sun,
fruit is referred to passion and
woman dance with glowing
sun-kissed skins.
Here no one who has feelings
of the magnificent and the sublime
can be disappointed.
Welcome to Brazil.


Both based in Amsterdam and
longtime fans of each others' work,
photographer Kwabena Appiah-nti and
luxury lingerie designer Tisja Damen
joined hands to create a new truly
wonderful story together in Brazil.
The captures were shot at
Oscar Niemeyer’s villa Casa das
Canoas, an Airbnb in the Vidigal
favela and Rio de Janeiro’s nude
Abrico beach, in May 2018.

Brazil’s abundant
beauty and the crashing waves on tranquil beaches,
in combination with the delicate lace inspired
Kwabena endlessly during the
month he spent there.

I have
a life
to garden,
A multiverse
to wake
from sleep

 You blush
like an
ocean in love,
with blueness 

To really capture Rio de Janeiro’s vibes
Kwabena created this story with his
own beautiful girlfriend Shunyata
Ossewaarde as the model. This led
to impromptu photo shoots and a
comfortable and trusting vibe
in the images.